Dawn Foods

Bakery Products Manufacturer Finds Sweet Roofing Solution

ROOFING CHALLENGE: Dawn Foods’ processing facility was dealing with water intrusion from its roof, putting the integrity of its products and operation at risk. Wes Hertel, maintenance manager at the York, Pennsylvania, Dawn Foods production plant, said the facility’s 640-square-foot, 26-year-old ballasted EPDM roof was leaking. “We just absolutely cannot have water leaks inside a food production facility,” said Hertel. “Water and food products don’t mix.”


In considering reroofing solutions, the facility needed to take into consideration two important factors. First, because mechanical systems located on the roof are checked daily as a part of the facility’s operations, the selected roofing material needed to withstand high foot traffic. Second, the roofing material needed to resist grease released onto the roof from the building’s exhaust systems.

Dawn Foods, which supplies a complete line of baking ingredients, products and equipment to the worldwide food market, selected Seaman Corporation’s 45-mil FiberTite-SM for the replacement project. Not only would the vinyl roofing material meet the durability needs of the facility, it also provided a level of confidence among the roofing installation crew that they could work around the many penetrations, curbs and vent pipes on the top of the building.